The Search Process




First Things First

We begin
with the simple but important understanding that the most qualified individuals may not be actively seeking new positions.
With that in mind, we avoid the more traditional search approach of relying on an existing database. Instead, we utilize our
sophisticated research capabilities to identify the most suitable candidates in an ever changing marketplace. In this way, we can tailor each individual search to our client's specific requirements. Equally important is our ability to locate the "non-traditional" candidate from another industry whose transferable skills may be a perfect match.


The Search Process

Needs Analysis
We will work closely with our client to clearly define the skills, attributes and talents of the person sought after. Together we will build a detailed candidate specification which will accurately depict the requirements of the position. Quantifiable candidate specifications are vital to the successful completion of any search assignment, as are intangbles like personality and chemistry. A thorough understanding of our client's culture and the opportunity offered is essential.  

We will develop a strategy for the search by identifying companies to be targeted and analyze the industry to ensure that we identify the best potential candidates. Thorough research will be conducted to locate potential candidates using client competitor information, personal industry sources, and confidential referrals. We will assess the compensation package through market analysis and will advise if adjustments need to be made.

Candidate Contact/Interview
Once potential candidates are identified, recruiting contact is made on a personal, direct, and highly confidential basis. We present our client's objectives as well as the position opportunities, responsibilities and potential. In-depth interviews will be conducted with each candidate who shows interest in pursuing the opportunity to determine his/her qualifications, genuine interest, and conformity with the specifications. We will also determine needs, special interests and other factors that are significant to the successful conclusion of the assignment.

Preliminary Reference Checks
We will complete a series of reference checks to further evaluate and define each potential candidate's qualifications. 

We will evaluate all candidates based on the requirements and specifications, the references, analysis of personality, chemistry, the candidates' requirements and needs, and all other factors uncovered during our extensive interviews. We will then select the top two or three candidates best suited to our client's need.


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