Selection Assistance




Specialist Knowledge and Experience

We recognise that there are instances where organisations may wish to advertise appointments themselves or may make appointments from a field of internal candidates. However, they often require and welcome specialist professional assistance and an objective view. In light of this we have developed a range of post-advertising services:

  • Preliminary Interview - screening applicant Curricula Vitae and conducting interviews, at our offices, with candidates who appear suitably qualified.

  • Psychometric Testing - administering questionnaires to candidates and interpreting results to enhance our view of managerial and leadership ability, people skills, personality traits, etc.

  • Candidate Assessment - based on preliminary interviews and psychometric interpretations, recommending certain candidates for final interview with clients, and preparing reports on each candidate short-listed.  

  • Chairing, or serving on as part of, a selection panel for interviews with candidates.



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