Selecting and Securing the Right Candidate







The Interview and Final Selection 

Presentation of Candidates
We will present our client a comprehensive report on each candidate to be considered. This report will include a detailed personal and professional history and any other information that may be relevant in the evaluation of the candidate.

We will assist in scheduling interviews with the top candidates to discuss their candidacy and the opportunity our client offers.

After the initial interviews have taken place, we will assist in evaluating the results of those interviews, giving feedback from our follow-up conversations with both the client and the candidates. We will then discuss and resolve any questions or concerns that may have arisen.


Selecting and Securing the Right Candidate

We will assist our client in negotiating the compensation and benefit package and reaching agreement on the other areas necessary to successfully complete the assignment.

We will assist the new hire in resigning in a professional manner from his/her current employer.

We will monitor the new employee after he/she is on board to ensure a smooth transition. We will follow up on a periodic basis to ensure a positive and long-term relationship.


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