Management Audit


Prepare for Change

Where an organisation is undergoing change, or where investment, merger/ acquisition or consolidation is being considered, the quality of management is critical. Two issues invariably emerge:

  • the need to objectively assess the calibre of existing management -their collective and individual talents and contribution to the success of the organisation; and

  • the need determine that existing management can take the business forward under what may be changed circumstances -their ability to deliver shareholder / stakeholder value with new objectives or a different culture.

We make our assessment of management and their future capabilities through a management audit process. This is comprised of two distinct phases:

Our understanding, as consultants, of the organisation's

  • Existing ethos and culture.

  • Business(es) and markets.

  • Internal structures and relationships.

  • Future strategy and business plans.

Our view, as executive selection professionals, of individual executive's

  • Background and experience.

  • Professional skills and commercial expertise.

  • Management competencies.

  • Personal assets.

  • Accountability for 'delivery'.

  • Record of performance.

Therefore, our findings and report provide clients with a comprehensive, insightful picture of the management team. In cases of acquisitions and mergers, this information can significantly aid the integration process.


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